0 MX/Chilton type Hyd Pin Head stock

  • EDD2 C14 D F49 E 4931 B195 BF3269 C0 A107
  • 83 E73810 447 D 4 E41 97 FD BBF6 AA7 AB3 F2
  • 4378 C482 E62 F 4217 AD4 F 064 CEC7 C0318
  • 5 ADD84 DF 6 EEA 48 EF AA4 E 3413 A8 E98807


MX/Chilton type Head stock

Hydraulic pins

Perfect working order

Only needs a power and earth wire to operate

All Hyd fittings needed comes with headstock

Came off a MX T412 Loader

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